Storybook Cosmetics always comes out with the cutest and most magical products -- but these rose gold magic wand brushes especially caught my eye.

The brand released a magic wand brush collection in the past, but those were only available in a dull pewter finish -- and of course, they were always sold out! The company decided to surprise customers with a tease of a few limited edition brush sets, one being the rose gold set. 

The second limited edition set they teased on Instagram is a beautiful, shiny yellow gold! 

Both editions are super pretty!

It hasn't been announced when the collections will be released, or exactly how much they will cost. However, Storybook Cosmetics latest post on Instagram says new details will come out today (4/18)! 

So -- keep a look out for all the details about those if you're interested because they're bound to sell out quickly!

LIMITED EDITION... details coming today. For sale VERY SOON!

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